feminine empowerment

Why feminine empowerment?
Because Im a woman who discovered how important it is, to receive a little help, to feel the nursing warm arms of a woman circle on fullmoon, to remember how powerful and magical we truly are !

∇ ∇ ∇

How does the Womb Blessing work?
The Womb Blessing works like an initiation or an attunement, where energy is channelled to you.

My role as the ‘channel’ is very small, simply the centre of the web that connects all the women in the Blessing to the Divine Feminine vibration and to herself or each other. In these connections we become more aware of being a conscious woman, we join a web of conscious woman in this world, and this means that more energy can pour through us into each other and into the Land and the World. The more women who join the family web, the more energy that flows through it to us all. This means that every woman has an important place in the Blessing.

Anyone can connect to the Divine Feminine energy, but this initiation or attunement is a direct process of connecting you to the goddess’s healing energy and presence, and deepening your connection to her. Many women will feel their awareness of the goddess blossom with the Blessing as well as their awareness of her energies within themselves and their womb.

∇ ∇ ∇

What is the Earth-Yoni Blessing Meditation ?
The Earth-Yoni Blessing is a beautiful gift of love from the Divine Mother to heal our Yoni (the vagina and vulva area), to return our Yoni to sacredness, and to reconnect us with the Earth Mother.

The Yoni is the sacred shrine of femininity. It is the entrance to the deep mystery of the soul and of life, and it is our connection to the Earth Mother and our ability to open and to fill with her energy. The Earth-Yoni Blessing is offered in the year of the Mother archetype at a time when the world needs the gentle strength and love of the Mother.

∇ ∇ ∇

So more or less I just felt the need to remember women who we are and there was this deep and urgent need to come together and to heal our wounds.

Lets feel the awakening, the love and the connection !
Lets be aware of that we are all one, connected by our wombs and Mother Earth !
Heal in Love & Light, in Purity & Grace ♥

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