All about Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

The science of Kundalini Yoga is a holistic system of body and energy work. The combination of dynamic exercises, breathing, and relaxation techniques have been proven for centuries and are adapted for today’s age of information and communication.
The method of Kundalini Yoga is based on the experiences and findings of the Yoginis and saints of the past.


Their direct insight into the mystery of life allows them to recognize that everything that is created is of complete perfection and holds the capability to enable persons to fully unfold their potential on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to experience thorough inner happiness.

Knowledge about the functions, structure, and self-expression of the natural life force and its manifestations is based on experience that was passed on to a small, elite, and privileged group of Yoginis over generations — a golden chain of teachings that were only transmitted by the spoken word.

In 1968 this tradition changed when Yogi Bhajan started to teach the method of Kundalini Yoga for the first time outside India, in the Western hemisphere. Since then it has become possible for anyone to practice this body energy work and realize their full potential for growth, improved health, harmony, and happiness through formal study.

Kundalini Yoga applies Asana (body positions), Bandha (body locks), Mudra (hand gestures), Pranyama (focused breathing), Mantra (sound), and meditation in the context of special Krijas (transformation vehicles) in a synergetic and dynamic way.

As a result of this process, a powerful, natural, and organic impulse unfolds in the practitioner that ideally balances their life force. This experience provides a deep sense of self-awareness, unity, and an appreciation for the gift of life.

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